Thursday, May 30, 2013

Travel Time

This photo is not mine: Please visit Makinglifepretty
Now that we've moved to New York, we've decided it is time to see as much as the eastern portion of the United States as possible. We spend a lot of time in NYC, Westchester Co and Northern New Jersey but it is time to get out there!
First on the list was camping in the Shawnee State Park of Pennsylvania. We went for Memorial Day with some of our best friends from college. It was right in the middle of Michigan and New York. I honestly knew absolutly nothing about the area but that is the beauty of google - it tells you where to go even when you have no idea.

It was beautiful but VERY cold so most time was spent around the fire. It felt good to be back in the country where Emmylou could run and chase birds without me worrying. We visited a couple local watering holes where we were some of the only people except for the staff. They possibly wanted us to leave but they were very hospitible nonetheless. We found Fort Bedford, which was closed and a lot of other places which claimed George Washington did something at. If I knew more about the area ahead of time, I probably would have been all history nerd on it but all I could think about was another shocktop and brat around the fire.

Next on the list, Philadeplhia sometime in June, Washington D.C. and then Boston. Hopefully all before summer's end. Any suggestions in these wonderous places?

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