About Me

My name is Amanda, my friends call me Willie. I currently live in Nashville, TN but I'm originally a midwestern girl from the great state of Michigan.

I love history, especially the vintage fashions that were created during history. I'm a little bit all over the place. I run my Etsy shop, blog, attend graduate school and sing professionally whenever I can.

Other than loving history, my biggest love of all is music. I grew up being a musician and started professionally singing at the age of 12. I also spend my days listening to new musicians, singing and writing songs.

I love to travel and see as much of this great ole world that I can. So you will often see my little road trips show up here.

My traveling partner in crime is usually my husband, Shawn.  Shawn is a packaging engineer (totally random, right?) Other than that, he spends his time playing just about any kind of competitive sport he can get his hands on and escorting me to every goodwill and estate sale I can find.

Things I enjoy- in no particular order - high school myspace style
Rita Hayworth
Johnny Cash
big band music
irish, italian and french accents
biggby coffee
a good microbrew
the feeling of being on stage
greek salad
getting drunk and having deep conversations with just about anyone
Frank Sinatra
finding an amazing dress at a thrift store
chocolate chip cookie dough
music education
people watching