Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

A day of thrifting and picking

So I finally had a day off from the hall this Wednesday so my friend Jackie, her husband, Kevin and I hit the road for .99 cent day at Goodwill and any other thrift or antique store we could find.

Michigan pride in Tennessee!

 Jackie rockin' the new Miss Lynn hat

Awesome cape I can't wait to buying a cape when it is 95 degrees outside makes you look like a fool

Fredricks of Hollywood Slippers

Other than finding a bunch of awesome stuff, the highlight of my day was visiting the new Antique Archeology shop that just opened here in Nashville. For anyone who doesn't know, that is a shop run by the guys from American Pickers on the History Channel. All their items were way out of my price range but they were pretty sweet nonetheless and everything was marked with which season they found it on. These guys pretty much have my dream job so it was pretty sweet to check out the new shop. I unfortunately didn't take any photos there because it was crazy busy and honestly they probably wouldn't have let me. But check out this fun other little thrift shop we found. Some of the things we found have been added but other haven't so stay tuned!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Giveaway winner!!

Congratulations to Athena for winning my first giveaway! She won a $50 gift certificate to Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage.

Stay Tuned, street fashion post coming later from Katy Perry's concert in Nashville. I hope to see some rockin' outfits!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Unexpected Fairy Tale Wedding

So last weekend a couple of my best friends from college got married, so me and the boys loaded up in cars and planes to get ourselves to Philly. In what was suppose to be the happiest week of their lives and unimaginable family emergency happened just a few short days before the wedding. In leaving TN, we were now feeling as if we were going to the wedding as moral support than what were good at - aka keeping the party going.

But sadness aside, the wedding went off without a hitch. We also learned that our friend came from a historic family from the Philly area, so his wedding took place in his family's old mansion in Bryn Athan, name Cairnwood.

The ceremony took place in the church that his ancestors built and the amazing reception took place in the mansion along the same scenic and gorgeous property.

beautiful church

all my boys!

Isn't he so cute all dressed up?

My new butterfly friend
After the ceremony, I pretty much stashed my camera and did what I was instructed, which was to fully enjoy the open bar and help keep everyone's spirits up. So I listened and there aren't any photos from the reception but check out the beautiful church and all my handsome dates! Oh and the butterflies too...coolest wedding idea ever and mine didn't leave my hand for 10 minutes!

Major Blog Giveaway Road Trip Event

It's almost the end of summer, but I hope you have time for one more road trip- of the giveaway variety. My friends and I want to help you wrap your summer up with vintage style, so we are hosting a multiblog multistore giveaway! Now is your chance to check out some great blogs, stores, and win something to old to wear.

This stop on the tour...

Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage

Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage-
Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage- located in Nashville, Tennessee. I love to spend my days thrifting and going to estate sales to find the best vintage fashions. Besides running my Etsy shop, I work in music history, so when I'm out looking for items, I'm always thinking to myself, who could have worn these dresses? How amazing would these shoes look in the stage lights? It is so fun to imagine what might have been, which always keeps my life exciting. In the Wayfaring Magnolia shop you will find a very large variety of items for both men and women. Giveaway- $50 shop gift certificate. Make sure to follow this blog and comment on this post to win!

Other Road Stops on your vintage summer tour...

Out Of Order Design
Out of Order Design- an expanding vintage store located in Santa Cruz, California. I offer mostly unique purses, though I love the charm, quality, affordability, uniqueness, and eco-friendly aspects of both pre-loved clothing and accessories. When I'm not thrifting or perusing wonderfully inspiring blogs, I love to work on my personal style and DIY blog. Giveaway Prize: a $25 gift certificate to Out Of Order Vintage! Good towards item, shipping, and open to international entries!
Two Birds Vintage

Two Birds Vintage- we are two sisters who love to shop and adore an amazing deal. we love fashion, both vintage and new. we absolutely adore the styling aspect of fashion and love making people look amazing no matter their budget. we like to mix decades, high and low, and vintage and new to create unique, creative and unforgettable looks. we believe in dressing fearlessly and wearing what you love. Two birds features exciting pop up store events in Minneapolis with great vintage and even better times with other vintage lovers! Giveaway Prize: vintage purse, two necklaces and one scarf.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What girl doesn't drool over Anthropologie dresses??

So to quote a co worker today... "Why is it that you girls are always shopping at work? Aren't there better things to look at online?" Answer: no, probably not.

Here are the best finds from Anthro today.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop Update

So I went back to the ole day job for a little while, went to Philly for the weekend and am trying to maintain a tiny personal life.  So updates are fewer these days but I at least wanted to share these rockin' new items

Monday, August 8, 2011


So I think I was not all that clear on the last post- just want to clarify... I am doing a big exciting giveaway with some other WONDERFUL vintage bloggers.

Enter here or on the previous post for the $50 gift certificate for Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage

The giveaway is running from the 8th-18th of August.

Make sure you are following the blog yall! And make sure you check out my sister bloggers for their awesome giveaways.