Friday, August 26, 2011

A day of thrifting and picking

So I finally had a day off from the hall this Wednesday so my friend Jackie, her husband, Kevin and I hit the road for .99 cent day at Goodwill and any other thrift or antique store we could find.

Michigan pride in Tennessee!

 Jackie rockin' the new Miss Lynn hat

Awesome cape I can't wait to buying a cape when it is 95 degrees outside makes you look like a fool

Fredricks of Hollywood Slippers

Other than finding a bunch of awesome stuff, the highlight of my day was visiting the new Antique Archeology shop that just opened here in Nashville. For anyone who doesn't know, that is a shop run by the guys from American Pickers on the History Channel. All their items were way out of my price range but they were pretty sweet nonetheless and everything was marked with which season they found it on. These guys pretty much have my dream job so it was pretty sweet to check out the new shop. I unfortunately didn't take any photos there because it was crazy busy and honestly they probably wouldn't have let me. But check out this fun other little thrift shop we found. Some of the things we found have been added but other haven't so stay tuned!

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  1. I recognize that shop! Was it sweltering? My boyfriend and I stopped there a few weeks ago and couldn't spend more than a few minutes up there due to the heat. They had such cute things, it was a bummer! Hope it wasn't 100 degrees in there while you were trying on that beautiful cape. Looking forward to seeing all your finds.

  2. Jen, unfortunately it was sweltering! We actually headed to get drinks right after because we felt so exhausted from being in there. They do have wonderful things though!

  3. This shop looks so cool, definitely great finds you made there. The Cape is awesome!!!