Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goodbye, Yonkers

Last week, we moved out of Yonkers, New York to head a bit north. We've had a great year and although we never really felt like Yonkers was our home, we had a great year, making new friends and exploring NYC.
Here are a couple of photos from over the last year. 
Things to be thankful for during the year we lived in Yonkers: 
We adopted Emmylou (YAY!)
I started a "real" job and quit it because I realized it wasn't for me
I started graduate school
we explored Greece with great friends
we made our home at Bezack park where Emmylou learned to swim
we made two trips back to see our wonderful friends in Nashville 
we managed to make it back to Michigan to see our families for most holidays
we had wonderful friends who came to visit us in our new state
we made many new friends
being unemployed for a couple of months and although I was poor, I was able to spend days wandering NYC (I love to wander) 
 I joined a singing group again
I re-vamped the blog and although it is still a work in progress, it looks better than ever

Emmylou really hates balloons--imagine growling

Partying at Bezack

Hanging out in Emmy's fave park

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vintage Family Photos

I assume that if you're looking at my blog, you at least slightly enjoy vintage things and I have a treat for you. I was able to snag these awesome photos of some of my family around the turn of the century - 1950s. I have many more and I'll add them periodically. Hope you enjoy.