Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Travel Spot: Germany

I am beyond excited! Yesterday, I finally booked a flight for 9 days in Germany. Shawn is heading there for work and we were lucky enough to link it right to my spring break and honestly, it couldn't not have come at a better time. I've been getting a little restless lately and it is time for me to get on a plane!

I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning but I know we are flying in an out of Frankfurt and spending a couple of days in Stuttgart.

Anyone have suggestions of what to do? I'm also down for just getting there and exploring.

Some places I hope to hit:

Hike in the Black Forest

Get my girly geek on as Neuschwanstein Castle

Ride the Romantic Road and see tons of cute little Bavarian Towns (My family originates from the Bavaria region so I'm ready to geek out!)

Maybe even hit up a roman bath in Baden Baden. The possibilities are seriously endless but then again, so is my excitement.

And of course....... BEERS!

Anyone have any other recommendations?