Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holy Busy Week!

So I've had a pretty crazy and exciting week that I just would love to share with everyone!

For those of you who don't know, I have recently relocated to the Nashville, Tennessee area where I spend my days greeting tourists at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I've always had a great love and appreciate for country music and seeing as I studied music, history and American culture in college this is pretty much the only place I can tell people how much I love Johnny Cash on a daily basis and not have them get annoyed.

So this week was CMA week, the Country Music Association's awards were last Wednesday night and I was more than thrilled to spend my day at work watching celebrities walk around and watch the tourists gawk at their feet.  I opened up my morning by watching Dierks Bentley play for free on Good Morning America.

A free concert is probably the best way ever to start your day.

During work I watched people gawk over Josh Turner and Keith Urban...who am I kidding I was definitely catching a glimpse at Josh myself.

After my normal work day, I added in some overtime working for an a star studded after party. I'm not allowed to take any picture of that without losing my job but I did catch a glimpse of the red carpet right outside our doors.
Along with the CMA awards, I was also able to attend the CMA Country Christmas taping. The show will be on ABC November 29th but I was lucky enough to snag a free ticket from people I work with. It was really interesteing to be at a taping that was very stop and go, random transitions and waiting in the dark for something to happen, along with fake snow and tons of gay dancing soldiers shipped in from Los Angeles.

All in all it was a crazy week in the Country music world. I was happy that the people I thought deserved to win finally did...which I've been waiting on for a couple of years. I also did a Nashville craft show this weekend but I will update that in the next post.

Good night y'all!

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  1. It looks like everyone was having a good time, lucky you!!! I love country music and Tennessee!
    Judy K.