Friday, November 19, 2010

It keeps me turning home...

"Usually take one last pass through town
Stop the car and touch the ground
Watch those streetlights swayin’ in the breeze
Decorated store fronts
Rusty old gas pumps
Try to fill my mind up
With somethin’ before I go
Picture postcard memories
You know they always make for good company

I don’t know no town
Like the old town
Even when the miles are many
I feel like I’m still around
Deep inside me
Like rings through an oak tree
Yeah, there something ‘bout a Sunday when I’m gone
That keeps me turning home..."

I'm so happy that I'm heading back home to Michigan today for the first time since I moved to Nashville.  Going on vacation to my parents is a weird feeling.

What I am excited for though is to see old friends. The people I spent the first 22 years of my life with and don't judge all the stupid, impulsive decisions I make on a daily basis. And of course I can't leave out actually getting to see my boyfriend, it has been 6 weeks since the last time and two days is just not enough.

I'm super excited to start the holiday season with my family. Every time I head to the store and see all the Christmas decorations everywhere, I feel a little hole in my heart knowing that I won't be home in the Michigan snow for most of the Christmas season. My brothers and I won't fight over the Christmas tree and beat up on my dad in the process.

This growing up this is a weird phenomenon. I'm doing my best to welcome every change with a happy and open mind. Starting new traditions and meeting new faces everyday. But there is a sincere security in my true home. The dirt road and cornfields that I left for the big city are ready to welcome me and I can't wait to see my small town decked out for Thanksgiving.

I feel like I'm becoming a huge stereotype. The country girl who left the cornfields for the big city following her dreams of making it as a performer. Weird being a stereotype... not sure how I feel about that one. Seems to cliche for me.

But regardless of my awkward, I'm growing up and not sure how to deal with it post...I hope you atleast enjoy the Etsians that are featured on here!

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