Monday, August 2, 2010


Welcome everyone to my blog!

I thought I would try this whole blog thing out so I can connect with all of you wonderful people out there.

So let me tell you a little about myself and what you might find on this blog.

My name is Amanda and I own the Etsy site, Wayfaring Magnolia. On Etsy I sell all different sorts of things from photography, picture frames, vintage fashions and my paintings.

I have always been called a free spirit and I think my art and my blog will show you that.

Things you could expect to see from me

  • Unique handmade fashions
  • Music History (I love it!)
  • Anything Americana
  • Vintage
  • History
  • Anything I pick up on the side of the road (I'm always moving!)
  • Art
  • Other Etsy artists that I like and will hope to feature
  • Whatever I decide on that day
I am inspired by many things in the world and these are often changing. I am a musician and an artist and my life is filled with many beautiful ups and downs which I hope to share with you through my blog. I'm always hoping to hear from others so if you have anything to share feel free to contact me!!

Thanks for stopping by ;)

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