Thursday, April 25, 2013

Greece Trip: Part 1

Last month, I jumped on my fave mode of transportation, headed over the Atlantic and got my wanderlust on. We started in Athens, spent a couple of days in Santorini and then hit up the mountain town of Delphi.

We ate a lot of doner kebabs, olives, tzatziki and greek salads. Seriously feta on everything? How can you go wrong?? March is the off season of tourism in Greece, so we had many of the places to ourselves: ie Santorini, we were the only people staying in our hotel. It was wonderful to be able to see all the wonderful sights on Greece without having to fight for space with other tourists.

At night, we enjoyed staying up until 5am drinking Mythos in the cafes as well as walking the streets with tall boys. I did a 3am cartwheel on the front steps of the Acropolis.....lifetime bucketlist check off. Also, I hadn't done a cartwheel in like 10 years so just proving to myself I could still do one was pretty awesome!

Anyways, enjoy!

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