Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Quick Trip Home

Last week I was enough to fly home and surprise my mama in Michigan for a belated birthday present. It was so wonderful to be in the place that shaped me in my favorite time of year: the beginning of fall.
I tried so desperately to fit it lunch dates and drink with old friends, that the 3 days went by in a absolute whirlwind. I had completely meant to take pictures of the beginnings of fall foliage as a snapshot of what I see as the most beautiful time of year but I was much too distracted by my friends and getting updates on their life.

I won't bore you with the updates on everything I did while I was home but I will bring in the nostalgic moments I had that made me think and feel much more than I have lately running though all the deadlines of day to day life.

Shawn's old dorm room.

Derrick and Matty walking through Campbell Hall
First we started off at an old favorite bar, had some nice micro brews and then decided to walk through our college dorm and reminisce about all the crazy shit we used to do. The halls smelled the same and I started to miss the care free life when sitting around in my sweatpants drinking beer with my best friends was a normal occurrence.

My friend Angela and I also went back to our old high school and soccer field where we spent most of our evenings during high school. Oh yea and I forgot to mention, I was doing all of this on my birthday. So if there is ever a time you would like to feel like you are growing older by the minute, go visit your old HS on your birthday.

I also got to share many shaded runs on a country dirt road with my favorite little girl, Lily.

AND the only fashion related thing I did while I was home was thrifting with my dad and little brother. My bro likes to thrift shop just as much as I do so it was necessary to go at least once while I was home and here is a pic of some of those finds.


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