Sunday, March 20, 2011

If I Could Only Dream My Way There

So on this return to cold, spring evening, I'm sitting alone listening to a neat little mix of Mumford and Sons and Edith Piaf and my imagination just starts running wild.

I wish it were easy to just pack up and move to Paris. Live a troubadour life. Live in music, live in art and just exist in romantic evenings filled with wondrous music and wine. I know that in my head I'm picturing Jazz age Paris which I'm sure is nothing like the modern. But I know the bright city has its own wonders to offer someone like myself in this day and age.

I would love to say this was possible, I've done it before in Ireland but I took the responsible route, got a college degree that makes me pay ridiculous amounts every month that make it mostly impossible to live like a true gypsy anymore.

Lottery anyone? Just enough to pay off the loans and live on the road. You in, babe?

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