Monday, October 11, 2010

What is a song that speaks to you?

So I've been sitting back in my room today, listening to albums I haven't had a chance to listen to lately.

Music is has always been a gigantic part of my life, both as a professional musician but as an individual trying to make it in the world, music speaks to me everyday. It makes me take a break and think deeper about things I might have just pushed aside, lifts my spirits when I'm in a bad mood, spreads my love for those around me, lets me vent when I'm pissed, helps me worship in my own way and serves my need for attention when I perform.

I find that I cycle through certain songs with each small period of my life. When I head certain songs from my past, I am immediately back in that space and time, with the same smells and the same people. For example, whenever I hear a Guster album, I am back in my sophomore year of high school on spring break with my friend Emily, driving from  Virginia to Maryland. It is a magical experience that I love to feel every chance I can.  

Does anyone have a similar experience? I would love to hear! I love the power of music and its place in other people's lives.

I saw John Mayer in concert last week and although I figured he would be a total douche like the media portrays him, I really enjoyed the honesty I felt in his music. So I thought I would leave you with a couple lines of one of his newer songs.

"Who says I can’t be free?
From all of the things that I used to be
Re-write my history
Who says I can’t be free?"

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